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So last night I created a list.

First I acknowledged some of the incredible things I accomplished in my twenties. Then I made a random list of what I would like to do now. It was just off the top off my head and went from very mundane (such as ride my bike and improve my computer tech skills, to super ambitious (lots of career goals and writing projects), to downright-lofty and dreamy (such as visiting all of my friends around the world).

Then I thought about the list for a day - what I forgot to add and what should and shouldn't be on it. So far I haven't added anything (though I am tempted to add "start an Ultimate Frisbee team") instead I tried to group and un-group and re-group the entire list.

I kept wondering what was the heart of it? What does this all have in common?

What do I really want to do?

I think I figured it out and honestly - it shouldn't surprise anyone.

I swear I will reveal it soon.

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