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last days

Tonight I kiss my 20's goodbye. It is the last time I get to be "29" - starting in a few hours I'll be "30" and counting.

I have very little regret as this decade comes to a close. Mostly I look back with pride at all I have discovered and accomplished. I have discovered lots of talent, honed a few skills, made a few good friends and met a zillion good people. I feel fortunate to have led such a blessed life. The older I get the more aware I become of my good fortune and wonder what I am going to do about it.

My 20's were all about self discovery, other discovery, world exploration, and that jazz. I hope the exploring never ends but as I realize I can't be everywhere and do everything at once I want to be more focused in where I put my energy.

Over the years my experiences, energy, and karma has yielded me a plethora of resources. What am I going to do with that now? What are my goals and ambitions for my 30's? I feel whatever they are I have a good chance of succeeding (or coming up with a very good excuse for not succeeding) which makes me want to be especially conscious about what I do next.

So what will it be?

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