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Life has been getting away from me again. Originally what I really wanted was the same as when I took my bodhisattva vows three years ago: I want to help people. However, lately I feel like this is too ambitious of a goal. I think first I'll try not to harm people. In conjunction with this, my other passion is learning. I love learning about the world, about people, about biology, about how everything fits together and operates. I try to justify this love by focusing my learning on things can only increase my ability to help people.

However, when I just try to do no harm it becomes a bit stickier wicket. The fact is we all know people who have "helped" and made things worse. This is my greatest fear. Sometimes I feel like I really can't intentionally help anyone - not because I am a failure but rather because I cannot create the conditions in which my actions might be helpful. That is up to the universe and any one who would like some help.

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