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I have been angry lately - too upset to write.
I am shocked and appalled at how my rights as a woman seem to be eroding quicker than a snow cone in August. Yesterday, buried in the paper (who ever actually reads page B4?) was a short story about a bill being introduced in Minnesota, which would allow pharmacists to refuse to dispense specific drugs on moral or religious grounds. How stupid is that? Especially the moral parts? Can you just see the can of worms this opens?

There was an excellent cartoon I saw months ago, which since I can't find, you'll have to picture these people taking out their morals on you:

  • Vegan fast food workers
  • Mormon bartenders
  • animal rights activist pet store clerks
  • Amish car salesmen
  • Christian Scientist pharmacists

And those are just the obvious ones - what about Muslims who refuse to sell you pork in the supermarket? Or Hindus who refuse to sell beef? Everyone faces tough moral contradictions in their lives. It seems it is only acceptable when women suffer from other people's moral dilemmas.

Recently many fundamentalist Christian groups have been canvassing agaist the release of a vaccine which would prevent people from getting HPV - a virus, which is sometimes an STD and causes (sometimes, not all the time) cervical cancer. These groups are so afraid that a vaccine would encourage teens to have sex that would rather risk women getting cervical cancer than giving teens the impression that sex might happen.

Recent studies show that various forms of hormonal birth control can reduce a woman's sex, even for years after she stops the hormones. Yet very few doctors discuss this possibility with women. When I wanted to discuss birth control options with my doctor she gave me a prescription for the pill immediately and suggested trying that first then, if I didn't like it, we could discuss other options. I was so stunned I didn't know how to respond.

Where are the hormones reducing men's sex drives? Where are the male chastity belts? If men are so eager to control the birthing process why haven't they figured out how to have children without women? Until men have to suffer through the choice of an abortion or nine months handed over for future generations (eating healthy, no cigarettes, no alcohol, appropriate excercise...never mind trying to get your body back afterwards) they shouldn't have equal say in this decision. I know there are anti-choice women out there but I am betting that they are an even greater minority than all the male politicians who keep mucking in this issue. Sometimes in my angry haze I think that anti-choice men are equivalent to rapists, forcing their own ideas, power, choices, and opinions on unsuspecting women who are just trying to live their lives. I know there are pro-choice men out there but they seem to be out numbered, or at least out-voiced, but the other type.

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