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Rights and Polite Society

I am trying to calm myself down after reading about South Dakota and their war against women.

My roommate has resigned himself to the ever-expanding control of the religious right. However, I find I still have some rage in me that I am not sure what to do with. Several thoughts and veins of reasoning are competing in my head.

The fact that the anti-abortion law doesn't even make allowances for rape, incest, or the health of the mother bring up a slew of mean thoughts towards SoDaks (as I hear them called)

  • There must be a lot of men who want progeny but can't get a mate - now they can go rape a woman in SD and get their genes passed on! Yay for them. This is a huge step for the Un-mate-able man group. However, they should be sure to rape a poor woman because anyone who can afford it can still abort out of state.
  • The fact that they wouldn't even make an exception for incest makes me suspect there is a lot of it in SD.
  • Health - obviously the life of a potential child is more important than the health of a woman and that child (since they are linked).
  • SoDaks realizing they can't win on quality (they have some of the poorest areas in the nation) are going to try for quantity. They have a long way to go and are willing to forcibly impregnate as many women as necessary to get there.
  • Next SD is going to start campaigns to outlaw periods and self-love. Soon we will see signs stating "Menstruation is murder" and "Masturbation is murder: Do not spill your seed!" As the religious fanatics continue expanding their control over people's bodies and how they define life. Women won't be allowed to drink alcohol or smoke cigarettes because if they aren't with child now, they will be soon.
  • Perhaps we should get in a van and travel across SD handing out coat hangers with instructions on how to use them "in case of emergency"
  • If I were rich I might start a scholarship for women who would like to abort but can't afford to leave the state to get one. It would provide a week's pay, plane ticket, and hotel costs for unfortunate women

Sigh, in reality who knows what will happen. The only thing that calms me down is understand that there isn't anything I can do (is there?). Last night I listened to KFAI's GLBT program and realized that there are a lot of intolerant bossy bigots out there. Ironically, the ones who try my tolerance the most are those who are intolerant.

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