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There is nothing like escaping from fact.

Real life get you down? Try picking up The Sister hood of the Traveling pants - not as good as the classics (too many name brands mentioned in the book) but at least it doesn't over simplify life's problems and offers some helpful solutions. I checked it out after I realized that I was reading five non-fiction books and making slow progress. I needed something I could devour.

Sadly, you can't knit and read at the same time. Thus, to expand my brain power I have taken to watching a Mexican telenovela (aka Soap Opera). Nothing like watching murder, people declaring "Te Amo!" after two dates, kidnapping, jealousy, mate trading, and lots and lots of machismo to take a girl's mind off things. I just have to remind myself that I am watching this soley for the Spanish content and cannot make any cultural judgements from it - Dios mio, imagine if people judged our culture by our soaps (or even prime time television).

And rounding out my "take me away please" strategy, is listening to books on tape (only the unabridged ones - te juro!). Lots of classics and even some educational ones (which don't really cause mental escape but at least I can knit).

Sigh - spring is almost here - soon I'll be able to fly on two wheels.

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