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location location location

I am in the closet again - sitting cross-legged, one knee propped on a stack of cds - not the most comfortable position to type. My computer is on box full of old files, right next to my stereo. No matter what I do, somehow I keep finding myself back here. I have an excellent typing table, which I can adjust to the desired height and an aerobic ball to sit on for proper posture. Or I can stay low, using a portable step stool to get in a more spacious location. Then there is the big comfy chair in the corner; where I knit and sit under artificial light - I have a laptop I can take it anywhere! However, for some reason I keep finding myself hiding away in the cramped closet: typing or reading uncomfortably.

I don't know why I return here - probably because it is where I charge my laptop (my wires and cords kept safe from Mani's eager teeth) and inertia prevents me from moving it out (thought my battery lasts nearly two hours and I am rarely online for that long). Perhaps it is because all other flat surfaces (such as the table and stool) tend to accumulate stuff that would need clearing. Maybe I like quick access to my stereo and CDs or maybe I just feel safe and cozy in small spaces. Regardless, I can't seem to escape the closet. Perhaps I should arrange it more comfortably.

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