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Mpls Geek in St Paul

When it comes to libraries, I am a geek and have never denied it. I'll never forget my joy at discovering these community book havens in Costa Rica, China, and India. As further proof, a friend and I had a grand time Library hopping in downtown St Paul yesterday. First we went to the elegant James J Hill Business Library, where we stumped the librarian with our request of information on starting a professional association. Nevertheless, he still tried his best to find us some relevant material and I had a great time stumbling through it. Best of all was when I went to find a book and noticed neighboring tomes titled "Economics of the affluent" and "The Handbook of Annotated Forms" which for the longest time I miss-read as the "The handbook of anointed forms".

After a surprisingly giggly run at the Hill Library, we took off to the Minnesota Historical Society to research Co-op History. No, we are not getting paid for this, just being geeky. It all paid off though in amusement, reading through the journals of workers struggling with the co-op movement when I was still in diapers. After all the financial mismanagement, political struggles, and social issues, it is a miracle that the co-op I work at is still going strong. It gives me hope for future. Perhaps I'll take notes next time and give a better example of the trials and tribulations one little store can go through, still survive and eventually thrive.

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