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rinse and repeat and repeat and repeat

I've had that chorus stuck in my head for a few days now. It keeps going round and round. I leave it, dance a few steps but fall right back into the same old rhythm. Other times I leave it, sing a few notes, make up some words, learn a new rhyme, and then fall right back into the familiar chorus.

Accepting the repetitive nature of life has never been easy for me. At age 16 I felt like I was making a huge commitment by getting bracing. The thought of wearing something in my mouth for 3 years straight was overwhelming. It never even occurred to me to find a chorus I liked and could return to regularly for 80 years.

I knew learning to dance would be enlightening - but I thought it would be more about communicating with others - it never occurred to me that I would find an analogy for how to balance my love of exploring and learning new things with my need for a solid steady foundation.


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