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dancing for two

Last night I went swing dancing for the first time. I love to dance - by myself. I get into the music and it speaks to me and I move and have a great time. I forget about the external universe, I forget about other people (except to avoid bumping into them) and just sink into a world of movement and music.

However, recently I decided that it is time to learn to dance with other people. Hogging the music to myself is selfish and frankly, I am ready for the challenge of including other people in my fabulous world.

So two weeks I went Cajun Zydeco dancing twice (and loved it - I totally dig that music) and even went Salsa dancing for the practice (I am just not super crazy about that music) and finally went Swing dancing last night.

Dancing was a revelationary - perhaps it was that I finally got the right lesson, the right dance partner, or the right music. Or perhaps it was how enchanting it is to watch other people swing dance and dissect what they are doing. Regardless the way dances fit together awed me as I realized that the dance steps are the chorus in a dance.

To any dancers out there this may seem like "duh" but to me it was an eye-opening concept. This is why I have to learn the steps - not just in my mind but in my feet. No matter what happens, no matter what I do, how I mess up or get distracted, I need to be able to fall back into the rhythm with the music and my dance partner.

This brings up a lot more concepts too (like how no one really likes a song that is all chorus and explains a bit about how musicians can "jam" - never mind all the communication analogies I could easily spin from this idea).

And I am sure there are a zillion more things to learn about (and from) dance. As a beginner I plan to marvel and appreciate the revelations as they come.

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