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summer high

I am nauseous with a height of summer hangover. This is ideal at this time of year and only slightly a result of too much alcohol – excess in general is the root cause. Somehow this weekend I combined a two-day national co-op conference with a short road trip, staying in a hotel, connecting with old friends I rarely see, new friends in the making, two parties, a late night of dancing and consistent if not heavy drinking.

If I were my parent I would ground me now – not as the punishment noun or state of being but rather as a much needed verb in the “you are going to get into serious trouble if you don’t slow down? way. Alas I am not my parent and my tired wrung-out body is crying like a whiny child to go outside! There are bicycles to ride! Lakes and rivers to swim and canoe! Music to move to! People to meet and see! The season beckons - the last thing I want to do is stay home, clean my room, and cook some brown rice and vegetables.

Perhaps there is a way to do it all…

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