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I love the weather. I even fell in love with a meteorologist once knowing that at least we had that in common.

So this morning I felt so clever when I noticed that the winds although a bit strong (10 mph from the north) were supposed to pickup increasingly throughout the day. My bicycle ride to work is almost directly. Sure enough, by the time I left the office the winds were 18 mph and gusting in the mid-twenties. I was looking forward to riding that wave home.

I did speed home as planned - however, in addition to wind I also caught quite a bit of rain. I think at one point it was even hailing.

My bicycle ride is a quick three miles though, and the wind was at my back. It was a truly enjoyable drenching of water. Of course the rain stopped by the time I got home. I really do love the weather. I can make any ordinary day seem extraordinary.

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