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enviro trash

Event season is just around the corner and as I do my planning I have found a new enemy.

I hate granola bars and all things related.

This comes easy because I never cared for the taste - even before I was aware of waste issues. However, I as I preach to the environmental crowd I realize that granola bars - and I am talking about anything that is supposed to be a healthy snack for the "granola" crowd - these bars have caught my attention time and time again. To me anything individually wrapped and marketed to environmentally conscious people is an oxymoron. How organic is the plastic these things are wrapped in?

I understand that, when there are no local option, items such as tofu, yogurt, is going to come wrapped in trash (aka - plastic) but these are staple foods. I understand that there are lots of single serving items wrapped in trash that are marketed to the junk food crowd (people that aren't trying to be one with nature). However why would you purposefully bring more plastic into the world just so that you can have a high carb snack while you enjoy our rapidly depleting wilderness? Some of these companies like Clif bar, Bumble Bar, Barbara's Bakery go to such lengths to talk about all they are doing for the environment yet they still profit off creating more trash for the world. I know we are busy and longing for a snack but next time - why don't you grab an apple instead of some overly processed food individually contained in a wrapper that will never truly go away?

Thank you for letting me vent. I really hate granola bars.

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