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Season Ail

Well, I finally crashed. I knew I couldn't keep up that speed for long.

I hit the summer flu, thoroughly and hard. My body wracked by a virus (as far as we can guess) was in a fevered state for two days - hitting a high of 103.5. Food and water wouldn't stay in me. Dehydrated and exhausted, I suffered from the regular fever aches including a headache that has yet to fade. In that state the only entertainment is your own mind. I am not sure I was up to the task.

I felt like I was on a combination of all the worst drug experiences I have ever had. Reality split apart and fragmented. Time played tricks with my mind. Dreaming state and reality were interchangeable and sadly neither of them were that interesting. And all I could do was watch and wait for my body to heal.

Outside the weather was doing its own dance. I first realized I had a fever while scootering around in 100 degrees and feeling chilled. That night as my fever spiked, the electricity was palpable as thunder and lightening crashed across the sky. Rain fell on the parched earth and sadly ran into our basement as well. The three inches supposedly brought us out of the water debt we have accumulated this year but in the city too much of that translates into runoff - especially when it falls so fast and hard.

The next day I was not cognizant of the weather but two day later when my fever finally receded enough to allow me outside I was surprised by the cool sparkly green world that awaited me.

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