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summer flies

Work has really started to take off. On the one hand I am psyched to feel useful, on the other hand, I think wistfully back to those days of learning and wonder if I could have packed some more into my brain during that time.

My professional life isn't the only thing catching air these days. Already my most social summer since teenage days - I get to add wedding planning to my list. A girl's best friend only gets married once (hopefully), so I am determined to throw everything I can into making it a shindig to remember.

This makes it all the more delightful when I occasionally enjoy an evening of reading on the back porch. It does happen - just never as planned.

Trying not to let the rush of summer ruin my mental health has been a trick. I constantly have to remind myself why I am here and take deep breaths to really enjoy here. This frequently happens when I brush pass a gorgeous flower or am enjoying the sensation of wind felt during a bicycle or scooter ride. Physical maintenance sadly seems to take a back seat on this ride. Fortunately my health has been fabulous despite this regular abuse and neglect. That won't last forever at this pace but at least I am getting a lot done in the meantime.

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