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Cleaning Spring

Feeling cranky today, for no particular reason, I started cleaning fanatically. I find that when I feel wrong the best thing to do is make things "right" (aka - clean).

This has many purposes.

  1. It keeps me busy so that I don't interact with other people and make them cranky too.
  2. I wear myself out.
  3. I can process emotions well - it keeps my body focused so that my mind can wander where it needs too.
  4. It turns a negative feeling into a positive act.
  5. I regain control of my life - or at least this one aspect in it.
  6. There is just something so satisfying at feeling both tired and having something to prove for all the effort.

So after it was all said in done and I stood under the shower washing the dust off myself, the rest of the city got a shower too. There is no better end to a hot humid cranky evening than a thunder storm.

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