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agua pour favor

I thought I had spring fever: a new job, new weather, and meeting lots of new people... perhaps I do but I seem to have narrowed my focus a bit. I have fallen for water. My feet seem to be endlessly soaking it up, I can't leave the house with out finding myself stranded in a rain shower. Thank goodness I have a million pairs of shoes.

This is not an unfortunate thing. The weather has been warm and the water welcome. Tonight, as I was biking through the misty streets, feeling the drip off of trees and up from the pavement, I noticed that the air was heavy not just with moisture, but with smells. It was too late in the evening for the car exhaust to be up, instead I was greeted with the scent of spring - of leaves budding, fresh green pushing up through moist earth, flowers blooming and sending their pollen willy nilly.

So often I cite the need to be grounded - get my head out of the clouds. Yet now is obviously the time to swim, upstream or downstream doesn't matter, the important thing is getting in. What does water symbolize? Fluidity? Flexibility? It could also be strength and perseverance.

Now if only I could find the time take a shower inside, my life might be complete.

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