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Truly Tibetan

"I love my wife.
I live in New York where I make lots of money.
They can't kick me out because I have the power.
Most days I can be found at Shangri-la - you should come look for me there."

These were the drunken ramblings of our disruptive neigbor last night. The poor fellow was obviously drowning out his sorrows with a bottle and some loud television or music. Bryan asked him to keep it down, it was after eleven at night, a bit late for loudness in a small buddhist town. But he couldn't keep it down because he loved the song and really wanted to hear it and besides, he owned the place so got his room free and nobody could kick him out. He suggested we switch rooms.
Not exactly a good business man's idea.
Bryan went to check out the deal with management, who urged the alcoholic to quiet down a litte, or at least shut his door, which would keep the sound down. They also offered to give us another room to sleep in. After the song our lonely drunken neigbor complied a bit. The sound was lowered and he was in his room but the dialog continued in his head. I suspect that he was so drunk that anything going on in his head came out his mouth. Thus I fell asleep to the sound of a distant television and his excuses or explanations for his life. It was sad; Bryan, a friend to everyone, even sat with him for a bit just to make sure he was okay and listen to his woe. I was too tired to do anything but sleep.

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