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Student Life!

This is one of the marvelous views outside my door. To be a student is sometimes truly wonderful. The cooking class yesterday was great, and it looks like the chef is willing to sit down with me to talk more about traditional and modern Tibetan cuisine.

There were ten students, mostly women, but Sangye, the teacher, said this varies. We learned how to make momos, delicious steamed dumplings. Normally these have yak or other meat in them but for the sake of health now you can easily get them vegetarian. We made spinach and cheese ones, cabbage, carrot, and onion ones, potato ones and finally chocolate sesame ones. In all but the chocolate, we used a lot of fresh ginger and garlic. They all turned out amazingly edible. I preferred the spinach and the potato ones though.Our teacher also showed us how to make egg rolls but I didn't pay too much attention. Tonight we learn about Thupta and Thanthak, two sorts of vegetable noodle soups.

Our teacher was born in Tibet, escaping only a few years ago. His story is amazing, he was in the Chinese army, and prison as well as being a chef in Lhasa. He lost both parents by the time he was 15, and more family members in the following years. He recently typed his story up, I offered to help him with grammar and spelling (I know I am not the most qualified, but some body should do this). With his permission I will post his story here when it is completed.

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