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I just got done with the craziest Indian experience yet. However I don't think it is good essay material. Although tiring and exciting at the time, it mostly involved a lot of running around with all my bags on and much uncertainty about what my next 48 hours were going to look like.

I managed to somehow get on a train with out having a proper ticket. Convincing the porter to let me stay on to Chennai was simple, it was finding a spot on the completely packed day-and-two-night-journey to Delhi that took all the work. Amazingly it only cost me about ten extra dollars.

Okay, now the embarrasssing confession - get ready to laugh. It turns out the train ticket I had was for the following day! Luckily I was able to get most of it refunded while wheeling and dealing for the next train.

So I ended up in the "tagkle" (sp?) section, specially saved for folks without the fore sight to have a reservation or idiots like me who don't know how to read a ticket. Oh well, the important thing is that I got here safe and sound, right?

Other than the stress of getting a seat, the ride was fine. I was a bit nervous since all my neighbors seemed to be men between the ages of 20 and 40 but they were all gentlemen and though I stayed wary the whole time no one did anything sketchy. I did hear a heated fight - twice. The first time it was about identity, I think some one insulted some one else and the second time it involved this guy dressed in green carrying a large rifle. I think the porters were concerned about the rifle. Mostly I just kept my nose in my book.

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