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All my bags are packed, I'm ready to go...
Okay, so I left the one I would sing that song to months ago, but still, it is a traveling song and fits my mood.

This past week has been such a whirlwind, another wedding, movies, dancing, interviewing Tibetans and doing other school work, cleaning, packing, eating... and now it all comes to an end. In a few short hours the next part of my learning adventure begins.

I will be boarding the train to Delhi, a short 43 hours later I will be arriving in the capital city, tired, dirty, and overwhelmed. Luckily it looks like two other students will be on the same train though we did not manage to get seats together

I will be in Delhi a few days before another student is joining me. After a some city errands we shall head north as our studies take us - me working on Tibetan culture and Bryan on Tibetan Buddhism.

I am excited and worried and nervous, I have never been north and I hear it is a different world. More crowds, more beggars, more smog, more scam artists, I hope I am prepared. I have gotten so comfortable in Bangalore it has losts its novelty and capacity for fright. However it has given me a good base and I feel comfortable launching my explorations from here. And I will surely look forward to my return in six - seven weeks.

Currently I am too excited looking ahead to think of much else because a well known fact is that I LOVE TRAIN RIDES. The wind in your hair, scenery flying by at a steady 20 - 40 mph (I imagine, I have never actually measured it), nothing to do but read, eat, talk too people, write, think (about writing). What's not to love?

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