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Still In Delhi

So what do I do with all this time I seem to have in the capital city?
Stay up until four reading a cheezy novel
Wander around the city, veiwing some fabulous arches, ignoring the locals and trying out the food.
See a few Tibetans and a few non-Tibetans wearing monk/nun robes but sadly shyness over powers curiosity.
Visit the Chinese Embassy twice, first it was closed, second to get the Visa papers (I have yet to turn them in) - At least it is a beautiful ride.

But best of all was the American resource center, granted I have yet to visit the Delhi Library, but the resource center library was full of books and magazines (always a lovely site). Unfortunately I only had fifteen minutes before it closed for the weekend but they actually had Ms Magazine! It was so refreshing to sit there and browse about the amazing things intelligent dedicated women around the globe have been doing over the past year. I must go back, not only to finish reading the magazine but to see what other wonders are hidden in the building. I am such a geek.

Luckily I seem to have a good travel partner to compensate for both my geekiness and my shyness. Bryan finally showed up, reluctantly leaving his fiance in Taiwan to work on his senior thesis. He is studying Tibetan Buddhism while I study Tibetan culture so our travel plans coincide perfectly. And he has no qualms about going up to mysterious looking Tibetans (and anyone else) to ask questions. I may have to go back to the library with out him though - he is much more comfortable with live format than with written word.

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