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Where is the culture shock?
Where are the throngs of beggars who won't leave me alone
Okay, I don't really need to know that one, and I have seen more than enough touts and determined-to-make-a-sale shop peddlars. But still, Delhi keeps surprising me by how NOT bad it is. For Example

* I can actually breathe here, the air is cleaner than in Bangalore.
* There are so many beautiful parks and wide avenues it is actually nice when the auto drivers take the long way.
* Everything is cheaper than any where else I have ever been.
* There are so many foreigners here that I blend right in.
* The books available, oh my goodness, the books!
* It smells okay (probably because of the cold)
* It is easy to get around
* The food is edible and it is very easy to get not-spicy meals.

Perhaps my pleasure is due to low expectations? Aclimation in Bangalore? Who cares! I can't wait to explore more, see The Red Fort, The Nehru Library, the parks, The Bahai Temple, a visit to Agra to visit the Taj, you name it, I can do it! Oh, wait, I have school work to do. Damn, Damn, Damn. I only hope I like Dharamsala half as much. My boyfriend and family might start worrying about the chances of me ever leaving this land of opportunity and diversity!

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