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Jury Duty

I was called up for Jury Duty last week. I had over a month notice so just like the letter instructed, I cleared my schedule for two weeks. Fortunately, the first Monday was a holiday so I didn't actually have to report until Tuesday.

I didn't even get to serve on a Jury. It was odd taking the train every day downtown and then having an hour plus to eat lunch. I got to roam the skyways with the business crowd of Minneapolis. It was a totally different world with delicious grilled cheese sandwhiches.

They only kept me for three days. I was both relieved and disappointing. I wanted to do my civic duty and was curious what it would be like to sit on an actual jury. But I also felt so disconnected from my work (even though I was doing what I could in the waiting area) and from the greater world.

I did get called twice to be in a panel but we never even got through jury selection before they settled. Mostly it involved a lot of sitting around in the hall way. It was still a glimpse into our judicial system that I don't see much of.