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I stopped consuming chocolate and caffeine for two months. Originally this was an experiment to see how abstaining from these drugs affected my health. Six weeks in I didn't notice any affect on physical well being but realized how much more intimate I had become with desire. Cravings for this substance arose. I had three choices at this point: 1. To give in to my cravings, 2. To become frustrated because I wasn't giving in to my cravings, or 3. Just to be aware of this craving and sit with it. I repeatedly chose number three and became much more comfortable with this choice the more I exercised it. While I still did become frustrated too at times, I tried to just be aware of that as well.

It is disconcerting to see how spoiled I am in wanting what I want when I want it. This probably also explains the 10 pounds I've packed on in the past year.

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