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I've never really "done" pets. Yet years ago, after a bad break up, combined with post-college and post-traveling woes, I decided to commit to trying out having a guinea pig. Mani stuck and now I can't tell how much I am anthropomorphizing and how much she really is "a super special and super smart" rug rat.

My latest acquisition into the animal kingdom has a different sort of motivation - more in line with my general values and based on my lackacompostaphobia - a word I created that reflects my fear not being able to compost.

I got worms.

I named them Harry.

At first, as with all new pet owners, I was super worried about accidentally killing Harry. Oddly (or predictably) enough, since they are worms this was combined with some squeamishness as well. Actually the day I got Harry in the mail I've never felt so excited and repulsed at the same time. After living with Mani for three years I can say with authority that I am a guinea pig person (and she is a person guinea pig). I don't see this happening with Harry - I am not a worm person.

Nonetheless, I felt a certain amount of pride (combined with the usual dose of repulsion and squeamishness) when I dug into the Harry's box yesterday to drop off the latest round of vegetable scraps and I stumbled upon a nest of little tiny baby red wigglers.

I am so thrilled Harry is reproducing. Not only is this a sign that death is not on my worms' doorsteps but it falls in with my plans of growing enough worms that I can give some away.

Who wouldn't love a bundle of red wigglers for their birthday?


Can I get some of Harry's offspring before my birthday, in october? Should I name them Harold II? Yay!

That's so cute and... well, kinda disgusting.

I've got two dogs as you may know, so when I saw the phrase, "I got worms" I was really worried for second! Dogs that have worms are not good. *haha*

Totally unusual pets Miriam. You should put a Santa Hat on their box/crate and take a photo for Christmas Cards. "Happy Holidays from Miriam and her brood!" *lol*

Talk to you soon!

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