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Mpls Wild

It's been unseasonably warm and since my beau is out of town I decided to head out late last night and join a random group bicycle ride that starts at 10 pm and can go anywhere all over the twin cities based on what the group decides.

This ride meets in a fast food restaurant parking lot (conveniently close to the liquor store) at the heart of college-ville. Between the college students and the post-halloween aura this was an interesting place to hang for twenty minutes. One student came up and asked what my fellow rider was drinking - apparently he'd never heard of hard cider. There were plenty of date-couples wandering by - it has been forever since I've observed the mating habits of college students. Being ten years past that I can assure you it is even less interesting now. However, the oddest site by far was when eight "ninja's" failed to walk stealthy out from behind a nearby building. Their outfits were complete with black tights (a bit too tight) and many had face masks that obscured who they were. One or two had a sword or some sort of "weapon". Yet despite all this equipment they moved with the giddy eagerness of a colt first learning to stand. Their attitude alone would have flunked them out of any ninja training that I can imagine.

"Those aren't very good ninja's." The other waiting cyclist commented after the boys in black whisked past us and bound up the steps.

Another ten minutes and we were done waiting - despite the beautiful weather (about fifty degrees, mild SE wind at 9 mph) turn out was low with just two other riders.

We rode into the wind the first ten miles - challenging ourselves with hills (my legs are crying today) but also kept returning to the river. After mile ten we crossed the river and headed NW through Fort Snelling Park where I saw the other side of wilderness in the cities.

Three deer were hanging out by the parking lot as we cruised by, slowing in awe. I have been to this park many times but this is the first I've seen deer on this side of town. They were skittish but as unafraid of us as the ninjas were earlier that night.

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