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I can't believe I finally have my blog back! Now I am at a loss wondering what to say.


As if that ever stopped me for long.

Things have changed. I've moved. I have my own space and now it is time to shape my own thoughts into words. This won't be the most enlightened inspiring blog but it will be a reflection of my observations and inspirations. There probably won't be much more on travel - I'm pretty settled (and broke) these days.

However, hopefully there will be lots under learning new things and the triple p categories. Additionally I plan on adding a category on weather because I find the stuff fascinating - if you don't you can skip over those entries. And one of these days I aspire to create a political commentary section where I can sound off about what I read in the paper and see in the world.

A girl has gotta express her opinion and where better to do that?

A thousand blessings and thanks to my friend Steven who helped me get this show back on the road.

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