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winter blah

I love winter. I was doing great - staying very active with bicycling, faux hockey, and plenty of dancing. Then IT caught me and dragged me down into the damp dark world of SICK. In theory I am a big fan of getting sick - it slows me down and gives me an excuse to mope around the house all day in my pajamas watching bad movies and indulging in comfort foods. However, sickness that you can't seem to shake is a whole different matter. It's been a week since my fever subsided and I am still running at half mass trying to hack up half my lung as if I'd been smoking for several decades (how do they do it? I hate not being able to breathe). And I have even been taking care of myself! I've drank so much tea it came out my ears, ate plenty of vegetables and have been averaging nine to ten hours of sleep a night. What else can a girl do???

Fighting this bug just makes me tired. So... very... very... tired...

All I want to do is lay in the sun - which isn't very easy to do in the winter - hence the winter blahs. If I could afford it I would fly myself to Mexico right now.

To top it off, this illness came at a really bad time (is there ever a good time) as it has caused me to miss the last few good weeks of winter. I discover that March brings a real threat of depression because the sun is too high and the weather too warm for real winter sports but it isn't quite warm bicycling everywhere and all the fun things that happen when it isn't winter.

Sigh... I guess there isn't much to do besides sleep.

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