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travel plans

"Peculiar travel suggestions are dancing lessons from God"

I just finished "Cat's Cradle" and that was the line that stuck with me.

My grandfather died on Friday. Sunday morning I found myself on a plane to Colorado. I haven't moved this fast or spontaneously in ages. Going to my grandfather's memorial service is hardly peculiar but dropping all work and heading to Denver the week before thanksgiving was certainly startling. I would call it more of an "unexpected travel opportunity" than a 'peculiar travel suggestion". Either way it feels good - liberating.

In between Friday and Sunday I went dancing - just to limber up for the ride.

I am looking forward to the memorial service tomorrow when I can learn all about this amazing man who didn't talk much (especially to a granddaughter he rarely saw). Already the visitors who come by my grandmother's room bring interesting tales, reflections, and revelations.

Perhaps later, when I feel better informed I'll write an official obit.

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