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New Stuff

I keep getting the urge to go shopping. I eye new boots like candy and long to find clothes that flatter and excite me. This is quite an embarrassing desire and a sign that my life is getting way too sedate. Previously shopping has always been a chore.

My accumulation of clothes has been a slow climb but I think I have reached peak. My latest hobby of social dancing hasn't helped either. Being new to the dance floor and lacking confidence I feel at least I can look half-way decent even if my moves aren't there yet. In five years I hope to be one of those girls who can show up in jeans and a t-shirt and still get every guy in the place to dance with me.

I am hoping the seasons will save me and stave off this desire to acquire for at least a little longer.

I love seasons.

I don't think we'll get another hot streak for many months (though that 80 degree day last week sure had me confused) so instead of going shopping it is time to haul out the winter clothes and rediscover everything hidden through the summer. I put up the shorts, short skirts, and sleeveless shirts and haul out jeans and sweaters and the super-un-sexy-but-freakin-warm-long-johns.

Yup - I even love that part about the seasons.

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