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car woahs

With the blessing of my grandmother I doubled my number of wheels a few months ago by adding a car to burgeoning collection of vehicles (which already include two legs, a bicycle and a scooter). It has taken me awhile to accept the slippery slope into car culture.

What has surprised me?

  • to a certain extent I enjoy driving
  • I do use the car to go places I wouldn't go otherwise (this is a good thing)
  • I keep it pretty clean
  • I enjoy taking care of it in small doable doses (recently I put in a new headlight and upped the power stearing fluid)
  • I still drive little enough that gas doesn't take a large bite out of my budget
  • Despite having it for three months some friends still don't realize I have a four-wheeled vehicle

What hasn't surprised me?

  • I feel sucker punched whenever a major repair needs happening (recent distributor, sparkplug, oil change combo).
  • The amount of money you can sink into it never ends (next on the list - a new muffler and brake job)
  • I definitely bike and walk less in the winter than I used to - this is cause of depression though it is slightly counter balanced by it being easier to visit friends and the como conservatory
  • Insurance is expensive
  • I feel guilty at times about my willingness to drive

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