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Now that I have finished the reports and realizing how everything ties into everything like a Sudoku puzzle I am on to the next big learning experience. I am so fortunate that my job seems to grow with me!

For the last eight months I have been diving into event recycling, zero waste initatives, and neighborhood cleanups. I've learned the ins, the outs, the details, the big picture stuff and at times it seems like I've hardly come up for air.

However recently all of these pieces came together as I realized that my job isn't about making events, cleanups and waste reduction ideas run smoothly. Instead my job is to create systems that ensure these things happen, whether by my hand or someone else's.

It's all about the systems! I create a system, then I get to try it in the real world, talk about it with my coworkers and other people involved, scrap it or adjust it as necessary and move onto the next trial.

I love this perspective because any time I get lost in the details I zoom out the bigger picture. I am not only taking the journey - I am also mapping the territory so that others can take the journey later. And lord knows, this zero waste stuff sure feels like uncharted territory

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