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I've been sitting my friend's canary for over week now. Apollo has affected my musical habits because he has such clear tastes. Lately all I listen to is Joanna Newsom (a crazy harpist chick) and the Incredible String Band (bizarre British hippy band) because these are clearly his favorites. When I turn the music up he'll happily chirp along. I think it is the wandering style of the music with lovely flute accompaniments and wandering string rhythms that appeal to him. He really doesn't care much for rock and roll or any of those simple beats - though he does chirp in if I whistle him a very simple tune (like one line of a nursery rhyme repeatedly). He also really likes the Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong album.

My guinea pig does not notice music so much though she does appreciate MPR (I know this because she's more likely to wander around exploring with this radio station in the background). I think she finds the dulcet tones comforting. She isn't sure what to make of the canary either but she enjoys the seeds he drops around the cage. Manna from heaven is always a delicious thing.

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