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While in Tennessee, my niece got me hooked on Sudoku - that annoying crossword of numbers everyone seems to be raving about. Previously I could never imagine myself enthralled by a box of numbers. "Where is the meaning?" I kept asking. Even after I became hooked on them, I still couldn't figure out why my mind kept reaching back to that damn box.

However, while putting the last brush strokes on this report that has consumed my mind completely, I suddenly understand the connection. Part of polishing up this collection of words is checking my cross references. Does my conclusion match the body perfectly without being too repetitious? Does the analysis of the study lead up to the recommendations with out spilling into them? I have to constantly pay attention not just to the content but to actual word usage. How many times to I use description words? It should be often enough that they lodge firmly in people's heads but not so often that they feel like an annoying jingle.

In Sudoku all the numbers must weave together to create balanced quadrangle of figures. In this report all the key words and phrases are being woven together to create a fabulous fabric that is hopefully as balanced and beautiful as a sudoku box.

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