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After a beautiful Indian summer, the chill has recently returned. Today's high was a paltry 33 F (close to 0 C). This is prime bicycling weather. The air is fresh, crisp, and smells wonderful. I find that with a few layers and a good wind breaker I can warm up and then just fly across the terrain in a way that I never feel inspired to do when breaking a sweat is guaranteed. The chilled air has a special sparkle and in the gray desolate landscape occasional bits of color take on new depth and meaning.

That said, with the sun going down at five a clock I find my desire to scoot has hit an all time low. Previously I was surprised to realize that thirty-degree temperatures, when adequately dressed, don't hinder my mobility at all (as long as it isn't snowing). However, now between both the cold and the dark it just feels dangerous and numbing. Car drivers are even less likely to see me and with all my layers of clothes (I need much more on a scooter than on a bicycle) I feel klutzy and lack ease of movement. I'll probably still try to pull it out once a month so that I don't need to officially "put it away" for the season, but for the most part I have to agree that scooting is a two/three season transportation option in Minnesota - unlike the bicycle.

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