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scooter dirt

My air intake unit fell off today. I got about fifty feet from my house before I looked and saw it hanging by a few tiny hoses. At first I thought it was my exhaust something or my muffler. It wasn't until I was nearly done putting it back together that I remembered the muffler is the big metal thing on the other side of the bike. Silly me.

So it wasn't as serious as I thought - after all the bike could run - it could get air fine even without the air intake unit. My brother helped me put it all back together and go to the automotive store for the missing bolts. Actually there are still a few mysteries about the unit - I'll have to go back to the dealer to see if there is a way to make it more secure. My brother said the air intake does help filter and reuse the air making the scooter more environmentally friendly.

I am not a motorized vehicle person but I am learning. It was fun getting my hands dirty with scooter grease. One of these days I'll even figure out how to change the oil.

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