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There wasn't really any rain - the roads weren't really wet. Yet somehow I hit the ground for the first time today since I first straddled my beloved scooter. I am still not quite sure what precipitated the slide. I was headed for a yellow light trying to decide whether to dash or stop when it turned red. I hadn't yet hit the intersection yet so I braked and the next thing I knew my head (snugly inside my helmet) was hitting the ground, along with the rest of my body and my scooter was sliding forward (without me) on its side for about ten feet.

I am thankful I fell off so easily. I am thankful I was wearing a helmet. From now on I will be more brazen about running yellow lights.

Currently I am hobbling around with a sore hip, gimpy shoulder and a number of aches but otherwise was very fortunate. My bike just suffered a few cosmetic scrapings.

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