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I won!

I am so excited - I just returned from the general membership meeting at my co-op, where I was running for board - and I won!

Two years ago, when I first returned to Minneapolis I ran for a slightly different board position. I figured that since I had graduated from college - a major mile stone on the road to adulthood (for some - not all) and I wasn't about to get married, have kids, or purchase a house (other optional major milestones) serving on a board would be a great new responsibility to take on. I was looking forward to learning how they operate and sharing that knowledge with my colleagues (who I would be representing). Unfortunately I lost.

Since then I have learned even more about how committees, organizations, boards, and more specifically - the co-op, works; so I am super excited to be able to uncover the mysteries of the board and add icing to all my other bits of knowledge.

Yeah, I know, I am a total geek.

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