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losing it

I sort of lost my keys today.

I put them in my pocket and went to work. Then, after a busy day I got home and they weren't in my pocket. I panicked. I searched around. I called the few places I had been. I considered going back to work to check there but didn't because I wasn't sure I could get in and I was late for a dinner meeting. Besides, I couldn't imagine where they would be at work. I kept feeling like I was missing something else besides my keys but couldn't put my finger on it. I definitely didn't bring a bag to work...

Two and a half hours and much thought later, some one was able to let me in (I was at the dinner meeting most of that time). Getting ready to go out again I wondered if I would need my jacket.

Then, suddenly, I knew exactly where my keys were - in my jacket at work. I don't know how I managed to completely forget for most of the day that I wore this outer layer to work this morning. It is the oddest (and longest) bout of forgetfulness that I have ever experienced.

The weird thing about the forgetfulness is that it was both physical and mental. While I could remember the feel of putting my keys in a pocket, it didn't dawn on me that the pocket was on a jacket and not pants.

This disproves any theories of a mind/body split. A friend of mine is struggling because a parent is suffering from the early signs of Alzheimer's. Previously I always thought this was a mental problem. Your mind is slowly not working. But actually the mind is just the player for all the other senses that create a memory. Then I started to wonder if memory problems are an issue of mind-player error or from data gathering and storing error. After all, even when I realized I wore a jacket this morning, I still couldn't remember putting my keys in a jacket pocket - all I recalled was putting them in a (generic) pocket. I've heard that playing mind games can help with your memory but I wonder if there are physical things you can do to help that kinetic part of data collection as well.

I suppose my mother would tell me I need to meditate more. Sometimes I think that is the answer to everything.

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