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creative pain

My brain hurts.

This is not because of the beer I just drank or the amount of stupid television I subjected myself too - those were all attempts at cures.

Today I thought way too much. I am not used to a job where I have no slack time. I was on the go from the minute I walked in the door this morning. Sadly it wasn't all physical - a lot of it was mental work, but even worse, a sizeable chunk was trying to be creative.

I don't know how advertising designers survive. I spent four hours today walking around and talking, thinking, breathing signs. We kept playing with words, trying to get at what we wanted to say, how to say it best, briefest, most amusing... with colors, with pictures, with cross stitch. You get the idea. Fortunately two people accompanied me who are much better at this kind of thing. Just trying to keep up with them was exhausting - especially since I have recently discovered my opinionated side on this matter.

This learning - and the diversity of tasks means I am always learning something - is what keeps me energized about work. However, using my mind this much means I need to invest in some good organizational tools. I've got too many items competing for brain cells now. It's kind of nice to feel wanted and challenged.

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