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I love my job. Lately I have chosen it over relationships and certainly free time. If anyone wants to keep me yakking all they need to do is ask me how it is going and listen attentively.

However, I have recently found my first stumbling block: I hate design.

As a "manager" I am supposed to make at least some-what executive decisions regarding projects under my watch. This makes perfect sense and I enjoy the responsibility and the freedom it brings - for the most part.

One of my projects though, is creating a self-explanatory waste-free office. At first I was really excited because I love creating systems and refining them to work well. Then I learned that I am supposed to come up with detailed descriptions of all the signs that explain this new type of office. This means I need to think about color, size, wording, and placement. In struggling to complete the assignment, I discovered I am a lot less creative than I suspected. When it comes to words brevity is not my strong point. This is bad if you are trying to create a sign. To top it off, we don't just want signs we want entertaining ones - that engage and humor people. I definitely am not witty and brief in my language. I can occasionally be one or the other but both seems like a tall order. The final cringe factor relates to deciding the look of the signs - what material should they be? Paper? Wood? Metal? What about canvas? How will they hang on the wall? What size is best?

In struggling with this project I have come to understand that while I am efficient and practical - and even creative and resourceful when it comes to accomplishing those two ends - it is at the expense of wit and style. Sad but true. Now I just need to figure out how to work around this handicap I have discovered. I am sure whatever happens I'll end up learning a lot being a better person for it all - I am too efficient and practical to waste a good educational opportunity.

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