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City Compost

I have been doing backyard composting for over a year now, and for the most part, failing. My mistakes started because I really really wanted to compost the wood chips from my guinea pig bin. However, I didn't anticipate the drying effect this would have on my compost. Then, one lazy day, really ruining the pile, I threw in the newspaper from her cage as well. That created a layer halfway down that was probably on its way to fossilizing.

When I peeked in the bin today and saw a fuzzy-moldy-bug-crawling pile of vegetable goo, I knew it was time to take action.

Using my super powers, I biked over to the hardware store and picked up a pitchfork, two air filters for the house, a large flowerpot, three pounds of potting soil and four light bulbs. Only the pitchfork is integral to this story but I wanted to brag about carrying all the rest of that stuff home on my bicycle.

Facing the wild and wiley compost pile with pitchfork in hand, I felt my country roots swell within and suddenly knew exactly how to approach the problem. Tipping the bin over on its side, I had previously unheard of access to the lower (and troublesome) layer of my unfruitful pile. Using my brand-new-but-already-beloved pitchfork, I was able to stab through the newspaper, turn the pile, (integrating the too wet with the too dry) and grab out the bits of surprisingly dry newspapers that were obstructing the decomposing process.

Now I just have to keep adding nitrogen, in the form of grass clippings or a less popular (but more readily available), liquid substance, until those damn chips turn back into the dirt they came from.

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