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Daily Dose

As noted earlier, I am a Daily Show Junkie. This has as much to do with my crush on Jon Stewart as my appreciation of his perspective on current events. For that reason I can't get into the Colbert report, though I laughed my way through his speech at the Correspondents dinner.

For actual news, I usually browse the locally produced (but not owned) daily paper, weekly alternative (owned by mass media), and a few locally owned and produced neighborhood papers. Occasionally I find time to catch up on Salon.com, the New York Times, and a dozen other rags of various repute. I am a dedicated fan of CounterSpin as well.

I was psyched when we first got Air America and listened to it a bit but couldn't stand the AM static. Plus I realized that the banter on the radio could easily be found among my peers and roommates. No seriously, I think it could. The value of such banter is to toss ideas back and forth until you get one that sticks in your head and makes you laugh.

For instance, a lengthy conversation with an old friend from my traveling days commented (to paraphrase)
America is going through menopause now! It is time we accepted the fact that we aren't making babies any more. Can't we step aside gracefully!

On a similar vain some one recently commented - we can't liberate a nation - they have to do it themselves. If the Japanese came over and sent the British out before we had a chance to develop our own revolution we wouldn't be thankful.

And my own latest epiphany has been how naively optimistic the President's religious-right are; they thought Iraq would be quick war. They think if we only teach abstinence in schools kids will not have sex. They believe that by making drugs illegal people won't do them. Ha! I grew up among hippies who everyone called idealistic and simple minded. I have to say, my parents' counter-culture generation were realists compared to folks running the country now.

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