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Leaving the Co-op and working with recycling is a huge life style change. The new job is irresistible but the change that comes with it gives me pause. Not only am I leaving a business that I know backwards and forwards and jumping into the barely known but not working at a grocery store a half a mile from my house will change my life in ways I can only imagine.

For the past two years I have been severely spoiled - able to walk to work and never had worry about food.

Not working on a grocery store however is freaking me out - I am going to have to plan my meals! How do people do this? Currently I can even skip breakfast and grab a yogurt and muffin at the store. There is an un-ending variety of lunch options and if I forget my wallet I can usually survive on free bread and fruit. On the other hand, there won't be chocolate paraded in front of me on a daily basis either.

I will have to start creating grocery lists and doing weekly shopping - during rush hour! My new schedule is like most people's, which means that convenient shopping times will coincide with everyone else's.

Then there is the discount. Grocery doesn't worry me - the discount is negligible but the supplements and body care items will seem out of range now. I am curious if this means I will just purchase less of them (and save money) or find I can't live with out them and fork over the dough. Meanwhile I am stockpiling an obscene amount of these products.

My tendency during these changes is to hoard - I just hope I am doing it wisely. I still have unused supplements and HBC products from the last time this sort of change happened. Damn that "save the best for last" mentality.

My new gig is three miles away - not an unbearable distance. I have even happily habited three miles from work previously. However, I will miss the morning walks enough that should I ever get timely I will consider the occasional walk to my new job (yes, I know this could take up to an hour). I plan on biking most of the time and it will be interesting to see if the six-mile daily ride will change my physique.

I will also have meetings and events in St Paul to attend. The bulk of these are not in the winter so I purchased a scooter to shorten travel time. I have started praying for a mild winter - just joking. Should it become necessary there is car-sharing and/or the occasional taxi. I could get a car if I need to but that is a lifestyle change I will only consider as a last resort.

Having a scooter on the other hand - and weekends off - are changes I look forward to exploring and taking advantage of thoroughly.

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