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Airy April

Half-way through the month - time flies during the spring before the flies waken. The long days are condusive to bike riding, hiking, Magnolia parties, late-afternoon-beer with friends and family... I am afraid there hasn't been much writing. The lists of thoughts needing documentation, documents needing editing, and edited pieces needing more editing grows and grows.

The internet seems cramped compared to the colorful sunsets and cloud patterns that spread across the sky. The computer seems limiting, unable to contain the joy that seeps like green onto trees, starting out as a gradual halo and spreading from branch to branch. The screen lacks the color and depth found in a fresh flower bravely popping out of its bud.

However, tonight the clouds swirled and darkened the sky early. Spring can be both mild and violent. Tonight electricity speckles the sky with intermittent light and charges the air with promises of energy. It reminded me to connect with the electric world (disconnected from the wall of course) and see what the electrons on my computer has to say. So it goes.

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