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Merry Yule Tide

Ahh, the sweet holiday season: when people frantically rush about and purchase gifts calculatingly or generously. This year, like most, I am an amused bystander to the Christmas tradition. No matter how many people tell me it is no longer a secular holiday, I just can't get excited. Purchasing or making presents for everyone I care about is just too overwhelming. This probably stemmed from a few painful childhood memories regarding learning how to give and receive. That combined with a family that only celebrated the holiday intermittently, I am all too happy to watch others participate while maintaining my equanimity and distance. We celebrated Channukah a bit more frequently but since it is a minor jewish holiday, usually I just call my grandmother.

Not that the holidays don't affect my life. This weekend I am house and dogsitting for friends; the store where I work is busier than ever as people go all out to impress loved ones and relations. And of course I can't help but notice the sales, decorations, and parades that go on around town.

A bit more importantly is the solstice because as a car-free person I am very affected by the weather. I am always relieved when we make through the darkest part of winter and though the cold shall keeping coming, the days will get lighter and longer.

Thankfully, it is easy for me to view these religious holidays as I viewed Diwali with my Indian friends and Ramadan with my Muslim ones: Happy (belated) Solstice, Merry Christmas and Happy Channukah to all who celebrate.

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