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Winding Up

Too much to do and too little time, this is the story of my life lately. Sadly, very sadly, I am leaving this crazy land of amazement in a few short days, so I have been packing in the pleasure on my way out.

Well, it hasn't all been a bed of roses; I pulled a couple all-nighters (and really felt like a college student) and finally finished my senior thesis. Yup, it is done early. Now I just have to finish a few last minute design issues and pray to the typo gods before sending it to the printers.

I also have been enjoying Bangalore's club scene. Most people don't think of India as a place with a night life, but I assure you that if you are in the area it is well worth the stop. The music is diverse, they were even playing "Black Star" the other night. These are the only clubs where I actually enjoy the hip-hop music. However it isn't just the music that makes a place appealing but also the layout. So far all the places I have been to have a roof or veranda where you go to escape the heat and loud noises, and even carry on a good conversation at normal talking levels. One popular place, The Club (pronounced Dee Club) is actually a country club during the day, so the grounds are extensive containing a pool and a basketball court.

When we went out Thursday the crowd inside was unbearable and the mosquitoes outside weren't much better, so I proposed we play basketball. That I was wearing skirt and heels was no deterrent. In Dharamsala all the youth play and the last time I picked up the ball I was hit in the nose. I was determined to make up for this.

I did - despite the fact that I was the worst player there and the most disadvantaged, I made three baskets. I should add that these heels are the most comfortable ones I have ever owned and they are only an inch high. Sadly, right around the time I realized that the game was never-ending because no one was keeping score, the strap on my shoe gave out. I knew there was a reason girls don't usually play in those things. Luckily India is the land of miracles and I got my favorite shoes fixed for five rupees (a little over a dime). I will miss this place.

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