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Hello Good Bye

This is a photo of the little girl I wrote about last week - she is just so adorable (and full of character as you can see) I wanted to post this picture all week but hadn't been able to until now. Normally I loathe selling things so I will only let people know that they can help poor and/or orphaned Tibetan children get an education and become self-sufficient (by they time they are adults, of course). The TCV website is well designed and will tell you all you need to know if you feel you are able to contribute in this way or are curious about the issue.

And now to completely change the subject:

Tommorrow is my last day here! I am so mixed up about leaving. I used to have a big chip on my shoulder when traveling because I never wanted to meet people when I would probably never have the pleasure of their company again. But the only good chips are the ones you eat (and don't eat too many!) so I got over that and learned how to live more in the moment and take joy in the people I meet along the way - regardless of what the future holds.

However when theory runs into reality it is rarely an easy mix and after spending several weeks here, making valuable friends, leaving is a tough thing to do. This is compounded by the fact that this is India, a place that while cheap to live and travel in, is anything but cheap to fly to. It will probably be awhile before I make it back here and my friends, all of whom are refugees, will hopefully have found more permanent homes in other countries by then. So it really is goodbye.

On the other hand I am going back to Bangalore! The place I lived for several months and still consider my home in India. I get to see my most wonderful host family again and all my other friends whom I have missed dearly for the past several months. Every good bye is also a hello.

Then throw the two day train ride into the mix and you can see my excitement mounting, but also add the heat that has risen since my last train ride two months ago. I tried to get an A/C ticket (something I wouldn't consider anywhere else) but they were all sold out. I will most likely really smell like India by the time I get to Bangalore...

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