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Back in Beloved Beautiful Bangalore

It feels so nice to be back. I think that is always a good feeling no matter where one is returning too. I know I felt it in MacLeod Ganj as well. Traveling is marvelous, the sights, smells, sounds, and stories that one collects along the way are life long treasures, but half the fun is definitely returning home to friends and familiarity, looking at it all with the new perspective gained along the way.

That said, the train ride was every bit as wonderful as I hoped, and just as hot as I feared. I am thankful for my my Tennessee background; it has served me many times and this was one of them. During mid-day we all wilted and the children kept washing their faces to cool off. Luckily the humidity wasn't to high so water did act as a cooling agent.

I was fortunate enough to be traveling in the same car with a gaggle of children (they were all Tibetan too, but I am trying not to be predjudiced here) and I utilized my meager origame (paper folding) skills to the utmost. If there is one skill I recommend for traveling, that is it; simple, inexpensive and bording on magical for those of the right age group or mindset, origame is a sure way to make friends or at least break some ice. Of course, eventually the heat melted all the ice on the train anyway.

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